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Kofax Enterprise Solution Roadmap

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Kofax offers award-winning information enterprise capture solutions that transform mission-critical data from paper, fax and email into business-ready content. We have a team of professional service consultants that can work with your business process owners to understand how you conduct your business today and how your current and future business processes map to an Enterprise Kofax Solution.


This service offering includes the following:

  • On-site requirements workshops
  • Consultations with business process owners, discussion topics include:
    • Identify business processes that are dependent on documents
    • Identify where documents are originated and captured into the business process
    • Identify document processing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and targeted compliance to those SLAs
    • What are the top three SLAs that may be a challenge to meet?
    • What are the business processes that need to be revamped or reengineered based on market or business conditions?
    • Identify document-based opportunities with customers and vendors
  • Discussions with IT group management; discussion topics include:
    • Identify corporate database standards
    • Identify corporate requirements for high availability and disaster recovery
    • Identify corporate requirements for rules of engagements for development best practices
  • A presentation and consultation with your team to review the final roadmap report.


  • Comprehensive roadmap report
  • Phased approach to deliver an Enterprise Kofax Solution
  • High level project plan for Enterprise Kofax Solution
  • Visio diagrams of recommended architecture for Production environment
  • Suggested acquisition order for a Kofax Enterprise Solution for software and services
  • Follow up meeting to review deliverables with customer business owners and IT management team


The Kofax Enterprise Solution Roadmap allows an organization to understand how Kofax can be leveraged within their organization as an enterprise standard for solutions such as:

  • To reduce the time to process invoices and earn early-pay discounts
  • Correspondence received via mail, email, email attachment, or fax can be identified automatically within minutes and routed to its destination department or document repository. A workflow can also be initiated based on the document type or defined rules
  • Received EDI files can be converted into documents to be used in the business process as visual documents rather than zeros and ones
  • Employees can utilize MFP devices throughout the organization and submit expense reports, HR documents, or customer files to a business process instantly eliminating shipping and handling costs

Target Audience

Operational managers who are responsible for production operations and are searching for methods to reduce costs, increase revenue and want to ensure that their investment in a Kofax solution is delivering the desired value and operating correctly.


Project Kickoff CallAll Participants
IntroductionsAll Participants
Business Process WorkshopsBusiness Process Owners
Review of Service Level AgreementsBusiness Process Owners
IT Infrastructure discussions IT Management
Review of the Final ReportAll Participants
Project Close and Next StepsAll Participants

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Kofax Certified Professional Services Project Manager:
    • Drives the workshop discussions
    • Plans and coordinates project schedule and communication between consultant and the customer
    • Presents final report with Kofax Account Executive
  • Kofax Certified Professional Services Consultant:
    • Responsible for on-site consultation, analysis and contributes to the creation of the final report
  • Customer Business Process Owners:
    • Participates in the consultation sessions and final review

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