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Kofax Technical Performance Optimization Service

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Kofax offers a Technical Performance Optimization Service to ensure that your Kofax system is operating at its maximum level and you are realizing the full benefits of your system. Just as your automotive dealer provides a checkup service to ensure your automobile is operating correctly at maximum efficiency, Kofax now offers the same level of service.


This service offering includes the following:

  • Up to two days of on-site service
  • Initial consultation with your Kofax System Administrator
  • Initial consultation with your business users
  • A 10-point inspection of your Kofax system:
    1. Document preparation process
    2. Document capture methods
    3. System infrastructure
    4. Batch classes
    5. Batch error occurrences
    6. Indexing and validation configuration,
    7. Release configuration
    8. Recognition/extraction configuration
    9. Distributed capture configuration or requirements
    10. Capture requirements for other organizations within your company
  • A consultation with your team to review the inspection report.


  • Up to two days of on-site service
  • An inspection report defining the results of the service
  • A consultation with your team to review the inspection report

Target Audience

Operational managers who are responsible for production operations and are searching for methods to reduce costs, increase revenue and want to ensure that their investment in a Kofax solution is delivering the desired value and operating correctly.


  • Assurance that your system is operating at its maximum efficiency
  • Illumination of system trends and areas that require additional attention to realize the full benefits of your Kofax system
  • Diagram of your Kofax system including server specifications
  • Identification of additional Kofax technologies that can further leverage your Kofax investment
  • Infrastructure recommendations to maximize throughput efficiency


Project Kickoff CallAll Participants
System OverviewAll Participants
Operations overviewAll Participants
System Audit and AnalysisConsultant
Create Optimization ReportConsultant
Review of the Final ReportAll Participants
Project Close and Review callAll Participants

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Kofax Certified Professional Services Consultant:
    Responsible for on-site consultation, analysis and creating the report.
  • Kofax Certified Professional Services Project Manager:
    Plans and coordinates project schedule and communication between consultant and the customer.
  • Customer System Administrator/Business User:
    Participates in the consultation sessions and Report Review session.


  • Initial Consultation with System Administrators
  • Initial Consultation with Business Users
  • 10-point inspection/ System audit and Analysis
  • Creating an Optimization Report
  • Review of the Final Report


  • Supported Kofax Capture/Ascent Capture version

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