Kofax Transformation

Automaticamente classificar, separar e extrair dados a partir de qualquer documento para maior produtividade, processos mais rápidos, melhor qualidade dos dados e reduzir os custos

KT provides Touchless Processing™ for many applications, including:

Invoice Processing

Automatically extract invoice information including line items and match it to purchase order data, enabling automatic booking of invoices in the world's leading ERP systems, including SAP and Oracle Financials

Digital Mailrooms

Automatically classify all incoming documents, including forms and customer correspondence, and route them to the correct workflow queues for immediate processing, increasing responsiveness and improving customer service

Forms Processing

Automatically extract customer data from application/enrollment forms, claim forms, loan documents, etc., significantly reducing manual costs and processing delays

Sales Order Processing

Automatically extract sales order data from scanned and faxed POs and validate against catalogue databases, ensuring correct shipments and reducing the order to cash cycle

Contracts and Correspondence Processing

Automatically identify unstructured, text-rich documents and extract data form them—even when the location of the data is unpredictable and anchoring keywords cannot be found on the document—reducing manual review costs and feeding pertinent data to downstream business processes